Agentia and our Brands

Our first blog for Agentia is an introduction to our company... Agentia is the exclusive UK agency for top luxury European brands specialising in tableware, decorative accessories and stunning lighting. Our brands bring ‘the chic’ from France and ‘the belissimo’ from Italy to the UK.

Agentia represents, exclusively in the UK, Christofle, Legle, Saint-Louis, Venini and Zanetto and we believe these companies showcase the very best of European manufacturing and creativity. Christofle is the world’s leading silver producer and covers all aspects of the industry from cutlery, hollow-ware, porcelain and crystal to Haute Orfevrerie. In conjunction with world renowned designers, such as Ora-Ito, Andree Putman and Marcel Wanders, Christofle annually introduces new collections to its design portfolio.  While so many manufacturers rest on their past successes – this is something Christofle could never be accused of and we are delighted to be promoting the brand in the UK.

Legle is a porcelain producer from Limoges in France and is all about colour. The company is owned by Frederic Lebouc, who, having taken it on from his father Hughes continues to expand his range of colours each year.  Hughes ‘discovered’ a method of producing a depth of colour onto porcelain not seen before and patented the process. His foresight has enabled his son to grow Legle into the company it is today with its unique reputation for manufacturing the very best of colourful tableware. His Sous le Soleil collection is instantly recognizable and regularly chosen for wedding lists, used in interior design and the hospitality industry.

Agentia has just been appointed as the UK agent at Maison & Objet 2013 for Saint-Louis. Centuries of knowledge and expertise lay the foundations to Saint-Louis as the oldest factory in Europe still producing crystal. Whilst there is the depth of history and generations of skill surrounding the name it is the quality and design of the brand that catapults Saint-Louis to the top of the list when deciding what stemware or vase to choose. Every piece is still hand made in Eastern France at its own factory and is still subject to the exacting standards one would expect of such a brand. Not only famous for its stemware and accessories Saint-Louis is a leader chandeliers and lighting.  Although originally known for the traditional chandelier, recently the company has worked closely with Herve Van der Straeten to launch the ‘Excess’ collection, to high acclaim within the design world. No finished item is allowed to leave the factory unless absolutely perfect…

Murano glass is collected world-wide and no collection is complete without at least a few key pieces from Venini and their stable of designers from the last 90 years. Great names such as Gio Ponti, Carlo Sarpa, Ettore Sottsass and more recently Fabio Novembre and Tadao Ando are associated with the Venini brand. Annually the company introduces two new collections, the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter, in association with designers – they are much anticipated by their global following who add limited additions from these annual launches to their own collections. Venini not only produces art pieces for decoration but also is a leader in innovative lighting installations and can be found adorning hotel lobbies, in company headquarters, private residences and palaces all over the world. Continuing to push boundaries the company offers a fully bespoke service and has manufactured complete lighting solutions for super-yachts and even churches.

The region of Padua, north of Milan, is to Italian silver smithing what Sheffield is to British silver smithing. It is the home of silver in Italy and at its heart is Zanetto. Enrico Zanetto runs this family firm and ensures that goods shipped from the factory uphold the qualities of production and design you would expect from a man who believes that he enriches precious metals with human emotion. Although based on traditional production techniques many of the pieces leaving the workshop embrace Enrico’s creative passion in a much more contemporary manner to reveal the ‘true spirit of silver’. Unique is a word overused today but we feel in the case of Zanetto, it sums up what Enrico stands for and therefore, by default the products leaving his factory gate.

It is impossible in a blog to really detail what sets each company and its people apart from others but this is just a start. Over the coming months we will be focusing on elements of each brand that really do make them special and look forward to hearing any comments you have on what we write.

Jamie Horton