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One of the joys of working with so many specialists in an ever evolving design world is that things never stand still - there is always news. So our news pages are here to help you keep abreast of new products, collection launches and industry gossip.

Harlequin News

One of the joys of working with so many specialists in an ever evolving design world is that things never stand still - there is always news. So our news pages are here to help you keep abreast of new products, collection launches and industry gossip.


Harlequin London at The Palma Superyacht Show - wine tasting and fine dining workshops for yacht crew

We recently returned from The Palma Superyacht Show, where in partnership with ACREW we ran two professional development workshops for yacht crew. Wine tasting in conjunction with No12 Fine Wines proved extremely popular and was the highlight of our first day. On day two Harlequin London joined forces with IYS, GalleyTek and No12 Fine Wines for an insight into 'On trend dining' incorporating service, galley and cooking, the latest tableware designs and of course alcohol and wine again!  

Palma Superyacht Show

For our first workshop - wine tasting, and how to choose the right wine glasses for the right wine - we paired up with No12 Fine Wines' Andrew Azzopardi. We chose to use the Saint-Louis Twist 1586 collection which simplifies the choice of glass by limiting the selection simply to a sparkling, old and a new wine glass. Although unusual and some might say controversial this collection really does work and crew were enthralled and excited about the possibilities the collection could also offer regarding stowage on board. 


(Excuse the slightly blurred photos above.... by this point we had tasted a fair few wines!)

The workshop was relaxed, fun and it was fantastic for us (the Harlequin team) to benefit from Andrew's expertise, knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for his subject - wine. 

Jamie, Managing Director at Harlequin London: "Presenting the Twist 1586 collection is a joy, put simply, and as an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to wine these glasses really do work."

The comments and questions from the audience raised a number of intriguing issues which we will cover in our blog Table Talk shortly.


The following day (no sore heads?!) we were up bright and early to begin the 'set up' for our next workshop with Peter Vogel from IYS, Angie Lenton from Galleytek and again Andrew Azzopardi from No12 Fine Wines - 'On trend dining'. We were fortunate enough to be able to run this workshop on CD Two  which really did ensure that the event came to life. 

CD Two

Starting in the saloon with some Prosecco drunk from Sieger By Furstenberg 'Sip of Gold' porcelain tumblers, attendees were then guided upstairs and handed a vodka shot each. Eight individuals were selected at random and were sat for the first course. Four courses were served and the eight were 'changed' between each serving ensuring all benefitted from the experience.  


We began with Caviar matched with Vodka... 


... followed by Gazpacho paired with a young blush Rosé. 

Gazpacho and Rose

For main GalleyTek served a delicious Beef Fillet with Fois Gras which was out of this world, complemented by No12 Fine Wines choice of a Merlot from Duckhorn Vineyards in Napa Valley. 


Dessert was a chocolate mousse served with lemon meringue, a raspberry macaroon and fresh raspberries, paired with a gorgeous dessert wine from Pico Maccario.


From Harlequin London's point of view our experience of the event was wonderful and we now have a clearer understanding of the trials and tribulations crew face with food prep, service, stowage and the inevitable clearing up. We are going into more detail in our next blog regarding Palma and the products used. Watch this space... 


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