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One of the joys of working with so many specialists in an ever evolving design world is that things never stand still - there is always news. So our news pages are here to help you keep abreast of new products, collection launches and industry gossip.

Harlequin News

One of the joys of working with so many specialists in an ever evolving design world is that things never stand still - there is always news. So our news pages are here to help you keep abreast of new products, collection launches and industry gossip.


ELEMENTAL OVERLOAD Masterclass at Monaco, La Rascasse

Following the creation of ‘S.E.A. – T.I.P.S.’ (Superyacht Experts Advise – Training In Professional Service) the group came together to create the ultimate in fine dining stagecraft – ELEMENTAL OVERLOAD.

A baptism of Fire (Earth, Wind & Water) the final Masterclass took us on a journey of the expected and also the unexpected. Mixing nature’s elements with the human senses ‘S.E.A. – T.I.P.S.’ set the stage for a four course lunch at La Rascasse, Monaco which was presented to Captains and Crew of Superyachts. 

La Rascasse, Monaco

Upon registration to the Masterclass each member of the Crew was given a number, which they would later find out correlated to a course. Those given the number ‘1’ were held downstairs, whilst the rest were shown the way upstairs to take their places with a view of the table. Those lucky number ‘1’s’ were then blindfolded and led upstairs by masked waiters to be sat for the first course.


With their sight removed the crew’s senses were immediately heightened. They were asked to feel the texture of the plates, and smell various components on the table, including mushroom displays in Lobmeyr Candy Dishes and black truffles in Wiener Silber Bonbonniere’s evoking Earth as the element in play. Beef carpaccio alongside aged balsamic dressing with fresh truffle and parmesan shavings was complemented by Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé. Andrew Azzopardi from No 12 Fine Wines and Provisions says ‘I chose pink bubbles to start because I want to show that we are here to have fun. The fruit and structure of the Laurent Perrier can stand up to the earthiness of the meat, yet should not overpower the dish.’ 


The starter followed with a Bento Box including scallops paired with pancetta, and a samphire and lemon gazpacho. Corals adorned the table with Baccarat Eye Vases shimmering like the sea alongside. The wine served; a Sauvignon Blanc, Duckhorn Vineyards 2014 accompanied the delicate scallops. ‘This high acid, fresh and fruity wine has a bit of oaked semiilon in the mix giving the wine some vanilla notes and creaminess which enhanced the delicate flavours of the dish.’


The main course – Falcon caught wild duck with orange - was set to wow with a live falcon as the theatre before service, however sadly on the day the falconer was not able to make it. Instead we had brought with us the spectacular Christofle Falcon which took centre stage. Fire was the Element and sight was the sense, blowtorches flambéed elements of the dish, and candles were set all around giving a wonderful ambience. A Brunello di Montalcino, Riserva, Ripe al Convento, CastelGiocondo, Frescobaldi 2009 stood up wonderfully next to the dish with its big, bold flavours. 


Dessert was a peach topped pavolva, peach bellini and white chocolate truffles served in a suitably cheeky way. Playing on various drug-related references we thought we would have a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun to finish off the masterclass. Magic mushrooms, silver straws, and coconut dust shocked the crowd. Vignobles Darriet Chateau Dauphine-Rondillon, Loupiac, France, 1990 (an exceptional year for this ‘noble rot’ wine) was the pairing this really dazzled as a finale with peachy, marmalade and honey-like flavours.


The day was full of highs. Happiness emanated and it really was a huge success (even though some trials were put in our way with the build up!). The service from Peter Vogel and his team at IYS was outstanding, the food from Angie Lenton at Galleytek was fabulous and the wines as mentioned were utterly delicious. The passion of all of these individuals really is second to none, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with them. It has been an incredibly fun (albeit slightly mad) experience from start to finish, and we are very much looking forward to the next planning session with our ‘S.EA. – T.I.P.S.’ partners to see what the future holds! 

All Photography Courtesy of Katie Jane Howson

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