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Terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions applying to all sales and are the basis upon which orders are accepted by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd. They will apply unless varied in writing to all transactions and agreed in writing by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd.

Unless the contrary is shown, Harlequin Tabletop Ltd published prices are:

    In GBP sterling £
    Exclusive of VAT and any other taxes
    Exclusive of delivery charges
    Provisional and subject to Harlequin Tabletop Ltd confirmation, upon acceptance of order
    Are subject to change without notice


All items to be paid for in full at time of order (100% proforma) unless agreed otherwise with Harlequin Tabletop Ltd in writing.

All bespoke orders are to be paid for in full at time of order irrespective of any previously agreed credit terms. Bespoke orders will be deemed as not accepted until cleared funds are received by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd.
Accepted methods of payment

    Bank transfer
    Credit cards – except American Express and Diners Club
    Debit cards

No order will be processed until cleared funds are received by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

The ownership of all materials and goods delivered to the purchaser will only be transferred to the purchaser when payment in full for the goods delivered has been made and until such time the purchaser will, if required by the seller (Harlequin Tabletop Ltd), store the goods in such a way that the goods are clearly the property of the seller (Harlequin Tabletop Ltd) and will place labels upon the goods recording this.

Until payment in full has been made all goods delivered shall be held by the purchaser as fiduciary. The purchaser is entitled to sell the goods so delivered only in the course of the purchaser’s business and in the event of such a sale occurring without payment in full having been made, the purchaser shall transfer to the seller any claims that the purchaser may have against the buyer if requested to do so by the seller and will execute all necessary documents and instruments to give effect to the same.

All goods become the responsibility of the purchaser, having been informed by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd, that they are available for collection. Once collection is made by the purchaser, their agent or courier, not arranged by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd, the seller will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the goods.
Order Fulfilment

Any indication as to when the goods/order will be available for collection/delivery is an estimate only and is not intended to be binding.

The purchaser undertakes to inspect all goods signed for/delivered as soon as is reasonably possibly. The purchaser will be deemed to have accepted the goods as satisfactory within 7 days of receipt of delivery/collection. If goods are not satisfactory the purchaser must have informed Harlequin Tabletop Ltd within 7 working days by email, letter or fax prior to the end of the 7 day period. After this period it will be at the discretion of Harlequin Tabletop Ltd whether goods can be returned and/or replaced.
Bespoke Products/Own Label Production

Once a purchase order and full payment has been received by Harlequin Tabletop Ltd for bespoke/own label products an order cannot be cancelled.
Force Majeure

Harlequin tabletop Ltd will not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

A purchaser’s confirmed purchase order, with cleared funds, shall form a contract on these terms.

All Harlequin Tabletop Ltd contracts are written under English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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